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How to open a Printing Company In Singapore?


Investors looking to start a new business in any industry within Singapore can consider the print industry. Singapore is one of the most sought after destinations in Southeast Asia. Thus, investors can consider starting a printing company in Singapore.

According to a study, as of 2018, there are about a thousand printing company in Singapore which accounts for 0.3% of the city’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). One can refer to the following points to open a printing company in Singapore.

Steps to open a printing company

    •    Create a website: Through the website, the company will be able to improve visibility and promote its printing offerings. Before this, one must register their company.

    •    One must decide the services they want to offer and thus, the equipment needed for the same. Moreover, they also need technical expertise for the same.

    •    Location: The location of the company is significant, and it is what will make it visible to potential clients.

    •    Advertising: Digital, as well as physical advertising, is very prudent for a company to generate awareness as well as reputation. Advertisements can be done online and through banners and ads. This helps achieve a higher number of clients.


Starting a printing company in Singapore is a good idea for small as well as medium-sized companies. It also requires a standard capital investment by the investor for sustaining. The company should offer facilities, such as UV printing, RFID printing, and digital distribution, among others.



Companies must strive for gaining clients and being approachable to prospective clients. They should offer affordable but high-quality services with reduced delivery times and fees. They should also focus on providing a myriad of printing-related services. The companies can also provide added services, such as helping their clients with designing and editing. They can also add charges for these services.


Singapore And Their Printing Services

For a business to run effectively, there are a few circles wherein it needs to put resources into. One of the most significant speculations goes in printing and distributing. Printing and distributing in business could be for publicizing, large scale manufacturing of in-house supplies, structuring new pursuits and logos, and distribute of contact cards and items for customers.

Products Made By Printing Services In Singapore

Printing Services in Singapore plan and print different items for offices that approach them. These include:

•    Banners and flyers

•    Booklets and pamphlets, calendars

•    Rubber stamps, visiting cards, sticky notes.

•    Greeting cards and cooler magnets

•    Packaging materials

•    Posters, napkins, wobblers.

•    Corporate organizers, letterheads.

•    Notepads and envelopes.

As should be obvious, the undertakings don't relate to authority work as it were. Printing Companies in Singapore up request for customers and structure items that are for the feel.

Professionalism Of Singapore Printing Services

Printing services in Singapore utilize front line innovation to deliver orders for their customers. They investigate every possibility to convey the best all things considered.

They don't forfeit quality and make that their definitive need. Most recent innovations are utilized to assemble the items starting with no outside help.

All the printing agencies are all around experienced in this field. This, you can anticipate the least measure of unprofessional conduct.

The charge rate is sensible and at standard with the market esteem. None of the administrations will cheat you as they have a smart thought of the business.

Singapore printing services are very experienced in their field. This is sponsored by the way that they have been in the business for long.


On the off chance that you are hoping to utilize printing services in Singapore, there is no purpose behind you to turn away.

Fetch The Latest Printing Services Today

Getting your hands on affordable as well as high-class printing services is a tough job. Printing services are often required when you want to get your magazine printed, or a pamphlet that needs to be put up on boards or other places to spread the word, or to print your weekly journals related to work or any such thing. You will obviously look for the most cost-efficient options that are of good quality too. With time, several printing companies have begun to help people like you in such times of need.

Easiest Ways To Get Things Printed

Printing services are the best ways to get things printed on good quality paper and attractive designs so that your name spreads wide and long around different places. Printing services Singapore help you to find those places that have the best professionals in the field who will take care of all your needs with the finest quality of work. These companies have had a lot of experience and thus you can trust them completely when it comes to detailed work.

Latest Technologies Just For You!

These namecard printing Singapore companies also make use of the latest technologies and fine quality materials to make the perfect name cards for you or your business. These companies not only look after the low-cost needs of the people who cannot afford to spend a lot but also on luxurious items for the ones who do not want to get things for cheap. These printing services will whip up a mixture of professional handiwork and latest technologies to provide their customers with no chance of a complaint. Get your things printed at a wide range of costs and make sure of what want to get nothing but the best printing services for you or your business.  

Singapore Printing Company



Singapore is an extraordinarily beautiful country, it has magnificent architecture, many tourists visit Singapore every year. There are so many destinations that tourist visit, including Sentosa Island. Singapore is the global hub for education, entertainment, and health care, etc. it is identified as tax heaven and is known to have superior technologies and development in the last few years. It has been recognized as technology-ready and top international-meetings city. It is known to be the freest, most innovative, most competitive, and most dynamic and most business-friendly country. There are so many start-ups that have successfully running in Singapore.


Printing In Singapore


There are so many printing companies that exist in Singapore that give or provide a full range of printing services that is required. It is convenient as well, as the printing shops are gathered near a ‘central area, where people could use the shops and the places to print what is necessary. Even though Singapore is technologically developed, and people use printing daily. Singapore printing company provides for various things that are required for people, and digital printing offers multiple items that are used by the people to print, such as namecard printing Singapore.


Advantages Of Singapore Printing Companies


These companies provide, more than 37 years of experience, that specialized in printing class tests, company polo tee shirts, prints customized tee shirts for events, etc. They also offer printing silkscreen, embroidery, and hot stamping. There also exists choosing of quality of the print and the fabric or the paper which is used for printing, and they provide, a wide range of services which includes, photo books, customized tickets, variable data printing, CD cables, poster collection, etc. Although it is crucial to know which shop or printing company to use, as you can get services for much cheaper rate instead of spending too much money.






The Best Marketing Strategy: Business Card Printing

Business cards are basically a way to connect people with each other.

They basically share contact information to other business associates and customers or clients. A business card is the most effective direct marketing tool one can ever afford. Always keep your business card handy and present it to others as it demonstrates a higher level of professionalism.

Printing companies Singapore gives you the opportunity to print your desired business name card.

A standard business card consists of

•    Your name. Or your company’s name, address, telephone no, email and other additional details.

•    A business logo

•    A hint of the products or services that you supply.

•    A valid website address URL

•    A photo of yours

A good business card measures 2-3 inches. You have to convey the overall image of your business in that small piece of paper.

So you should always use your common sense while designing a business card.

For example, if you make games for children then your card must contain bright colors. Similarly, if you own a financial consulting service then you should stick to the conventional black print on white card.

A business can stride by two things, effort and strategies.

So once you get a card, just follow these tips

•    Carry cards with yourself all the time, wherever you go.

•    Try to give people more than one card, so that they can give it to others too.

So what is the purpose of a business card?

  1. It provides your contact information and helps customers remember you after the first meeting.
  2. It reflects your company values and tells about your marketing plan and advertising policy.
  3. A unique business card differentiates you from your competitors, helps you to stand out from the crowd, so before you hand someone your business card make sure the card says truths about you.

Find out more about Printing Companies Singapore here.

Types Of Printing And Importance Of Printing For Your Business



The advancement of technology can seen in every part of human life. The industry of printing plays a vital role in it. You cannot think one single thing without printing in your business. We start our day by reading newspaper. Printing plays a major role in newspaper business. The printing industry is considered as the agent through which small to large business can rely upon. In the printing industry, a printing company is the integral part. You can find many Singapore printing company there.

You have to choose the correct one. If your business is small contact a medium printing company if you run a large business contact big printing company. Differences are there in between the large and small printing company. Small company does not cover all types of printing, whereas a large company does all type of printing. Come let see how many types of printing are available in market



Types of printing in printing industry

  • Flexography
  • Gravure
  • Offset lithography
  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing ( Xerography& inkjet)


Printing companies Singapore help you to be commercially strong. To be successful in the business, your marketing strategy should be strong, and in marketing, printing plays a vital role. In this age digital printing rule the printing industry. In digital printing, the machine extracts the text or graphics from the computer and print. The quality of the digital printing is amazing.


More on digital printing

Laser printing machine and inkjet is popular in digital printing. Through digital printing you can print online, you won’t need any paper or any document. In general printing, you would required a hard copy but in digital printing, you won’t require that.So what are you waiting for? Contact a printing company and tell your requirement. Negotiate the budget with the company and enjoy the printing facilities.


Discover more at



How to choose the best business cards amongst the lot?

Ordering personal or business cards can be a daunting task to perform, especially when you have variety of options to choose from. The task becomes all the more important, considering the fact that it has an impact on your first impression to the people who meet you and with whom you begin interacting using business card. To make sure that the right card is chosen, we have brought forth some useful tips to follow.

Colorplan range

It is one of the finest processes using which the page is created to be used for business cards. Following this process the page is colored and refined using premium uncoated stock, instead of dying it after wards. The name cards Singapore follows this colorplan process, ensuring that best quality is offered to customers.

Duplex cards

It is best to have business cards which have information on both the sides. This is going to help you convey the message about your business in an apt way. However, one must make a note that the price of duplex cards might vary depending on the weight or printing options chosen.

Use of hot foils

It is one of the latest fashions which is often used by Singapore name card to highlight the name or logo using silver foil. It is quite effective in highlighting the important information on your card.


I am sure none of us would want to see their business cards getting torn or damaged after some time. Well, the best protection you can offer to your card is lamination. It is going to protect your card against any form of moisture, stain and also enable it last for a long period of time.

Final words

Whilst different varieties and forms of business cards available in the market, it is essential to opt one which suits your requirement and taste.

Singapore Name Card Printing:THE POWER OF DIRECT Marketing Tool


We all know that the success of any business lies in the efforts that go into marketing their product or services. Do you really know that a name card is one of your greatest possession to make it big in your arena?

A name card represents you in a big way, in any campaign or effort that you put in your field. It is your identity to the market, and on the basis of your name card, the market identifies you, accepts or rejects you. Such is the power of a carefully designed and strategically crafted name card and only a few, such as the Singapore Name Card Printing, truly understands and provides you with your desired name card.

With the aid of a name card, you will be able to create a lasting impression on your clients or any potential customer. Just with a glance on your card, people get impressed and increase full chances of ending up with you and your offers or services. All of it is actually the design and style of your name card that catches their eyes and they get hooked to you. It is human tendency to get moved by what they see and when you get everything right with the colour, design and content of the card, you are bound to create a positive impression each time you share your card.

With their versatility and inexpensive nature, these name cards can be printed in different formats, shades, colours and styles, with the intention to maximize your marketing and advertising chances. A name card offers you endless opportunity to make them as unique as you may like, including photos or design the whole card on a specific background, etc. It will allow you more value than word of mouth.

Name card is definitely a value proposition to grow and expand. It is perhaps the only way to make a positive impact towards all your business goals.


Reasons Why A Name Card Still Matters In Todays Business World

In today’s competitive business world everything has been digitised completely. From attending meetings to signing contracts it all takes place in the digital world. In such a scenario the question that comes to our mind is that what relevance does a name card or a business card have? In this era of smartphones do they still exist? The answer to the question is a yes because they are not considered to be replaceable anytime soon. Today many online Singapore Name Card companies have come that make them easily available. But before that, it is important to understand why the card still matters.

  1. Exchanging name cards or the business cards mark the beginning of real relationships. Sending contact information via a text message or email is considered impersonal. Hence having a name card handy always helps.
  2. A good business card will aid in making the first impression of your brand. A uniquely styled card might just take your conversations with potential clients to another level.
  3. A name card can be used as an effective direct marketing tool. Having a business card handy when you accidentally encounter a potential lead will benefit your business.
  4. Carrying a business card reflects well on your professional attitude as an individual.

A name card becomes a significant part of your personality in the business world. Ensures that there no inaccuracies in the data printed on them. Some of the common mistakes to avoid are as follows.

  1. Provide the right amount of information because too little or too much info completely beats the purpose.
  2. Double check the information before giving it a go-ahead for printing.
  3. Refrain from using low-resolution pictures and logos.
  4. Ensure that the text isn’t too small or too big.
  5. Never put the information too close to the edges as it might be trimmed.



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